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longitudinal seam automatic welding machine

longitudinal seam automatic welding machine

Welding Machine Application : 1. Welding m achine can weld carbon steel , stainless steel , aluminum and copper. 2. Workpiece: cylinder , air tank , water tank, fuel tank, etc. 3. MIG or TIG welding with wire feeder. 4. Japan OMRON PLC and touch screen 5. W ater-cooling system and self-shielding...


Welding Machine Application:

1. Welding machine can weld carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper.

2. Workpiece: cylinder, air tank, water tank, fuel tank, etc.

3. MIG or TIG welding with wire feeder.

4. Japan OMRON PLC and touch screen

5. Water-cooling system and self-shielding welding system

6. Pneumatic clamping bar

7. System has pneumatic clamp for holding the plate to make the welding line straight. Plate not twist when welding temperature increasing during welding


Welding Machine Parameters:

Applicable welding diameter


Applicable welding length


Welding speed


Machine rapid speed


Welding power source

Miller, Fronius, Lorch,OTC, Panasonic, Kemppi

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