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Common Automatic Welding Machine Basic Knowledge
Mar 07, 2008

With the increase of social manpower and labor costs, automatic welding machines occupy more and more important positions in the production of enterprises to increase welding efficiency and save labor costs. Now we come to understand the basics of commonly used automatic welding machine.

1. Gas welding equipment Gas welding equipment includes oxygen bottle, acetylene generator (or dissolved acetylene bottle) and tempering fuse, etc. Gas welding tools include welding torch, pressure reducer and hose.

The welding torch is divided into two types: shot-suction welding torch and equal-pressure welding torch. The number of flames can be divided into single-flame and multi-flame types. According to the types of combustible gases, it can be divided into acetylene and hydrogen. And gasoline, etc.; according to the use of methods are divided into two types of manual and mechanical.

Jet-suction welding torch is also called low-pressure welding torch. It is suitable for low pressure and medium pressure acetylene gas. At present, it is widely used in China. The equal pressure welding torch is only suitable for medium pressure acetylene gas.

2. Submerged arc welding equipment consists of welding power source, submerged arc dryer and auxiliary equipment.

Submerged arc welding power can be used with AC, DC or AC and DC. Submerged arc welding machines can be divided into semi-mechanized (semi-automatic) welding machines and mechanized (automatic) welding machines according to their degree of automation; they can be divided into general purpose and special purpose welding machines according to their purpose; Evenly regulated welding machine; According to the number of welding wire can be divided into monofilament, automatic welding machine double wire and multi-wire welding machine, according to the form of walking mechanism can be divided into car type, gantry type and secondary contraction arm type.

Commonly used mechanized submerged arc welding machines have two kinds of constant speed and variable speed. They are generally composed of a head, a control box, and a guide rail (or a bracket).

3, CO gas shield welding equipment Semi-automatic CO gas shield welding equipment main equipment consists of welding power supply, gas supply system, wire feeding mechanism and welding torch and other components. The gas supply system mainly consists of CO gas cylinders and preheaters, dryers, gas flow meters, pressure reducers, automatic welding machine and gas valves. Dryer is divided into two kinds: high pressure (drying before air is not decompressed) and low pressure (drying after decompression). Its main function is to absorb moisture and impurities in CO? gas. In general, only the high-pressure dryer is connected to the gas circuit.

4. Inert gas protection welding equipment Manual inert gas protection welding equipment includes four parts: welding torch, welding power supply and control equipment, gas supply and water supply system.

5, plasma arc welding equipment Plasma arc welding equipment mainly includes welding power supply, control system, welding gun, gas system and water system.

6, resistance welding equipment refers to the use of resistance heating principle of a welding operation equipment, automatic welding machine consisting of mechanical loading, power supply equipment and control devices and other components.