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Automatic Welding Machine Safety Production Guidelines
Mar 07, 2016

When the automatic welding machine performs welding operations in basements, tunnels, metal containers, and in relatively closed places, special factors such as non-circulation of air, inconvenience in and out, insufficient light, unsatisfactory site, and inconvenient activities, welding and cutting It is prone to accidents during operations and it is not easy to rescue them. Therefore, the welding manipulator reminds everyone to strictly adopt the following safety measures.

(1)Before the operation, the situation inside and outside the workplace must be carefully investigated. It is necessary to check whether the outdoor building or other structure has an impact on the indoor fire welding and cutting, and whether there are flammable and explosive substances in the room. If necessary, Automatic welding machine The sampling and analysis of the indoor gas shall be carried out first before confirming safety before entering the indoor operation.

(2) Acetylene generators, oxygen cylinders, and electric welding machines are not allowed to be placed in the hot-welding and cutting room. Automatic welding machine It is necessary to carefully check whether the oxygen-acetylene pipeline and the welding and cutting torch are leaky, and prevent the oxygen-acetylene gas from accumulating in the room and causing an explosion. When the welding and cutting are suspended, the oxygen-acetylene pipeline and the welding torch should be taken out of the house. Open all doors and windows or valves, keep air circulation as far as possible, and use mechanical ventilation if necessary.

(3) When welding and cutting equipment is used for welding operations, the welding and cutting fields need to be kept dry, and strictly check whether the insulation protection equipment meets the safety requirements. When working in a metal container, the welder must not touch the metal container with the head, back, etc., or parts without insulation. Automatic welding machine All lighting equipment uses low-voltage lights.

(4) It is forbidden to introduce oxygen into the room for use as an air conditioning site.