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Application Trend Of Automatic Welding Machine In Pressure Vessel Field
Mar 07, 2015

Pressure vessels have been widely used in many fields, the industry is also undergoing rapid development, and process technology is gradually maturing. According to this industry development, major manufacturers are also increasingly demanding for such products. Therefore, welding technology is the most important factor in determining product quality. Then, we next analyze the fully automatic welding machine in the pressure vessel field.

Weld molding

The weld forming coefficient is the assessment of the cross-sectional shape of the weld, and refers to the ratio of the width of the weld (B) to the calculated thickness of the weld (H) on the cross-section of a single pass (φ=B/H); automatic welding machine Weld coefficient refers to the ratio of the strength of the corresponding welded joint to the strength of the base metal. It is a comprehensive reflection of the mechanical properties of the welded joints to reflect the extent to which the strength of the welded joints is weakened due to factors such as welding materials, welding defects and welding residual stresses.

Pressure vessel classification

The pressure vessel is divided into four levels: A, B, C, and D. Grade A is divided into: ultra-high pressure vessel, high pressure vessel (A1), automatic welding machine third type low and medium pressure vessel (A2), spherical tank site welding or ball and shell plate manufacturing (A3), non-metallic pressure vessel (A4), Medical oxygen chamber (A5); B is divided into: seamless gas cylinder (B1), welding gas cylinder (B2), and special gas cylinder (B3); C-class sub-railroad tanker (C1), car tanker or long tube trailer ( C2) Tank Containers (C3) Grade D is divided into: Type 1 pressure vessels (D1), Type 2 low and medium pressure vessels (D2).

From the above description, it can be seen that the weld seam technology of pressure vessels is also very technically demanding, and it is necessary to have sufficient theoretical knowledge to assist. automatic welding machine From the classification of pressure vessels, it can be seen that the classification is very numerous and complete, and it can be seen from the side that pressure vessel technology has gradually matured and can serve many fields.