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Development Trend Of Automatic Welding Machine
Mar 07, 2014

With the development of advanced manufacturing technologies, it has become an inevitable trend to realize the automation, flexibility, and intelligence of welding product manufacturing. At present, the use of automatic welding machines has become the main symbol of the modernization of welding automation technology. Automatic welding machines have attracted more and more attention due to their versatility and reliability.

Automatic welding machine features:

1. The welding cycle of each solder joint can be greatly reduced, thereby increasing production efficiency and reducing production costs. Because the opening degree of the welding clamp is precisely controlled by the welding machine, the welding clamp can begin to close during the movement between points and points; after the welding is completed, the welding clamp opens, and the automatic welding machine can Displacement

2. The opening degree of the welding pliers can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the condition of the workpiece. As long as no collision or interference occurs, the opening degree can be reduced as much as possible to save the opening of the welding pliers and save the time taken by the opening and closing of the welding pliers.

3. When the welding clamp is closed and pressurized, not only the pressure can be adjusted, but also the two electrodes are closed gently when it is closed, which can reduce impact deformation and noise.