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Hot Wire TIG Automatic Welding Machine
Nov 17, 2018

Hot Wire TIG Automatic Welding Machine

Tungsten argon arc welding was called TIG or GTAW. Previously, Hot wire TIG welding power source were separately divided into TIG welding power source and wire heating power source. Generally, automatic welding machine will needs 2 sets welding power source. Presently, Jinan HAOYU Automation TIG automatic welding machine can be only with 1 set TIG welding power source. Hot Wire TIG Automatic Welding Machine is using automatic hot filler wire welding method.

Automatic welding machine will use argon shielding gas, its arc is stable, the welding seam also has smooth welding surface. TIG welding is the preferred welding method in high-end industrial and precision parts.

Hot Wire TIG Automatic Welding Machine is a more efficient welding method. Before sending wire to welding pool, welding wire will be heated to the melting temperature of feeding. It greatly speeded up melting speed of filler wire, improved melting efficiency, meanwhile adjusted  heat input of molten pool, reduced dilution rate of base metal, expanded welding method’s adaptability and application range.

The heat efficiency and wire melting speed of hot wire TIG welding are very high, generally three times TIG welding. In the same welding heat input,  hot wire TIG welding can improve deposition efficiency of welding seam, even more than MIG welding.