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How To Reduce The Harmfulness Of Robotic Welding Machine Electromagnetic Field?
Dec 20, 2004

With the introduction of mechanized, automated, and intelligent welding equipment and welding methods, such as robotic welding machines, it not only makes the welding operation more and more simple, but also the working environment of operators has been greatly improved. It can be said that Without harm.

However, to know such equipment as robotic welding machines, it is necessary to provide them with a stable power supply in order to maintain a good working condition. In other words, the electromagnetic field will have an impact on the power supply, thus causing harm to the welding operation of the robotic welding machine.

In order to minimize the damage to the robotic welding machine caused by the presence of the electromagnetic field, it is first necessary to ensure that the welding cable is bundled with the loop cable. When robotic welding machines perform welding operations, try not to place the welding cables on the shoulders or wrap the welding equipment around the welding cables.

The support or counterweight arm can be used to keep the welding cable away from the body. As the distance between the cable and the body increases, the magnetic field around the body can drop rapidly. When the robotic welding machine uses direct current welding, the harm caused by the electromagnetic field is much less harmful than that caused by the use of the alternating current welding, so the DC power source must be selected.

Also from the perspective of the staff. Those who have pacemakers or other implants in their bodies must repeatedly confirm that these devices can still be safely used when they are affected by electromagnetic fields. The operation of robotic welding machines is prohibited without protection.

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