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Automatic Welding Machine Some Easily Overlooked Common Sense
Mar 07, 2012

The welding heat input used by the automatic welding machine due to submerged arc welding is often much larger than other welding methods. The size of the welding line energy directly affects the formation of the welding seam.

The forming shape of the weld directly determines the crystal grain distribution of the weld joint and the presence of the low-melting point eutectic and the stress conditions, and therefore has a great influence on the occurrence of crystal cracks. In addition, the transverse contraction of the weld seam is much smaller than the gap opening amount, so that the transverse tensile force of the terminal part is larger than other welding methods. Fully automatic welding machine is used to open the groove of the plate and not to open the groove. Thinner boards are particularly noticeable.

We can see that there are many different types of automatic welding machines on the market. These types of equipment can be seen in almost all pipe manufacturers. Although the models are different, they can also meet the user's welding requirements, but their efficiency This is not exactly the same, but in domestically produced automatic welding machines, both welding and welding efficiency have many advantages.

Advantage 1, the operation is more simple, stable performance. Because the dynamic welding machines are all made according to the specific needs of different manufacturers, the overall operation is also designed according to the habits of domestic businesses. Such equipment is more simple to operate, more stable, professional product performance is stable, longer life, but also to ensure its overall work efficiency, is very suitable for domestic business choice.

The second advantage is simple maintenance and longer service life. The automatic welding machine has undergone a comprehensive innovation, the new product is of better quality and more stable. Only need to use according to the formal operation method generally does not have any problem, it is recommended that it is best to have someone to use the equipment to ensure the safety of the work. And equipment maintenance is also very simple, long life, do not have to worry about affecting the daily work.